If you have never worked with a professional copywriter, they do exactly what it says on the tin - they write copy - or text that makes up the content of your marketing materials (brochures, ebooks, website, landing pages, social media platforms etc). 
Their input is typically the first impression your organisation makes on your target market and can be what attracts individuals to invest more time in browsing your website to find out more about your products or services. 
Enlisting the services of a copywriter can prove very useful to any business no matter the sector they are in, particularly if you're introducing a brand-new website, rejuvenating your existing one, or if you require some marketing materials or intend to run a new project. 
Interested in how a copywriter could improve your organisation? Yes? Okay! Here are five ways collaborating with a copywriting professional can help. 

1. A copywriter can help you find the voice of your business and your brand 

Your brand voice can make or break your business's success. Think of brand names you're drawn to - you instantly recognise their commercials, their print advertisements, etc. There's a structure there that becomes familiar, that attracts you, that keeps you coming back. Also, it likely has a great deal to do with their brand voice.  
A brand voice can be amusing or friendly, silly or formal, practical or any other style appropriate to your organisation. A talented copywriter is the key to helping you determine what brand voice is right for your business and will be part of expressing it throughout whatever copy you require. 

2. An SEO savvy copywriter can help you rank higher in search engines 

A copywriter with good SEO understanding can be a real boost to your website's ranking placement on search engines like Google and Bing. An SEO copywriter recognises points like keywords, web crawlers, link building, and lots, lots more. As well as being capable of writing in a manner that suits SEO, they can review your existing copy, rewrite where necessary and give you new website copy that Google will love. 
Google likes new copy to show that it only presents relevant and informative results to its searchers or “Googlers”. The more SEO-friendly your copy, the higher your website will rank in search engine results. Plus, importantly, the more new and unique visitors will certainly see it giving you the chance to convert them into a new buyer or client. 

3. A copywriter knows what type of content to use where 

Many copywriters have a wealth of composing experience. Website content, TV/radio ads, video scripts, leaflets, flyers, whitepapers, blog posts - they have likely done it all. A copywriter recognises the various subtleties of each type of content, how to style it, just how it needs to be read, who the target market is, and what action the target market needs to take after reading (your “call to action”). 

4. A copywriter writes from the end user’s perspective 

When you run a company, you know your processes and standards from top to bottom, inside and out. It is your passion, your reason for being in business. These are all positive things and great for your success, but they can all also cause you to be so deep into the business that you have a tough time looking at it in the way a buyer or client would. You may fail to remember that those elements of your organisation you know inside out are brand new to your clients. So, they may need a little more description when it comes to that term you keep using, even if it’s your everyday language, as it may be new to visitors to your website. 
A copywriter is always considering the end user. Are they likely to interpret what is written in the manner it is intended, just as it has the correct amount of descriptive content required? Any good copywriter will take all of this into account and will write in a format that will hit the right notes with your online and offline audiences. An excellent copywriter has these things in mind and can also see how to write them with a fresh objective and from the end user’s perspective. 

5. A copywriter will showcase your expertise 

If you're someone who lacks confidence about paragraph structure, where that Oxford comma goes or basically does not have the time to check, a copywriter can be your finest ally. Writers have the skill to polish copy so that points like grammar, spelling, and punctuation are both correct and constant throughout all of your material. 
These things matter when it involves providing proof that your organisation is trustworthy. A business that produces an ad or landing page with a typo or badly created sentence runs the risk of looking unprofessional and shedding credibility. Having a copywriter's eye on things ensures your best foot will certainly always be put forward. 
As if all that wasn't enough, obtaining and utilising the knowledge and skills of a copywriter means you can concentrate on other parts of your business, the parts you actually enjoy and that contribute to your profits. Instead of sitting at your desk looking for the ideal words for your website, or wondering if all your commas remain in the best place, you can spend your time on the bits of your business you love. Then turn to a professional copywriter to manage what they love to do, namely, making you look good, engaging your audience and encouraging them to buy your product or sign up for your services. 
Our own team of copywriters cover all the bases when it comes to optimised copy for websites. This ensures that all content we produce for you will boost your online presence and get those valuable leads banging down your door. 
To find out more and to learn about other web design services we offer here at it'seeze Web Design Knutsford, take a look around or get in touch with Gemma and Mike today. 
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