Social media platforms have become a vital part of many small businesses' marketing strategies.  
They allow you to connect with customers, encourage interaction, and spread content at a fraction of the cost of other marketing tools.  
However, not all social media platforms are suitable for all businesses, and so they do not all require the same amount of attention from you. 
Each social media platform has its place. For example, Facebook is a great tool because of its reach. But despite the prevailing thinking, it is not always the best place to start for small businesses.  
In fact, this honour may well be taken by LinkedIn. Below, we outline some very good reasons why this is the case. 

Why focus on LinkedIn? 

The main reason LinkedIn is so important is that it is a professional network, and as such has a variety of uses above the purely social. LinkedIn is useful for building your presence on the internet as an established and thought-leading business.  
It connects you to customers as well as other businesses, providing you access to talent when recruiting. It also boasts a more serious reputation than most other social media platforms. 
As you can see, there are some very good reasons why LinkedIn should be your main social media focus. But if you still need convincing, then here are several more: 

1) Google connections 

LinkedIn is a favourite of search engines, which means that major search engines like Google and Bing favour content from the site. That’s because they know the information they get is going to be good quality and reliable, and potentially of more use to its users than some other social media sites that are not so well-regulated. 
In addition, the SEO benefits of having a LinkedIn page mean that your business is more likely to appear in the top ten search results. 

2) Access to business services 

Social media is not all about marketing and PR. LinkedIn also gives you great access to other businesses and services that you might need.  
If you have a good profile, it makes networking with other businesses easier and more convenient. When you need to source other services, you can have a quick look around and easily reach out to the right kinds of people. 

3) Authority 

As a small business, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are an authority in your area of expertise. Your LinkedIn profile allows you the space to do just that. You can also showcase your knowledge in different ways.  
There are groups, news stories, answer boards and other platforms where you can establish your credentials as a leader in your field. All of which provides you with a great platform to win business and build your online reputation. 

4) Network of success 

LinkedIn is the site for professional networking. You can build up a web of contacts quickly and easily. After all, as a small business, it is all about knowing the right people. This is the best way of reaching new customers. Better still, if you have a premium account, you can contact people outside of your circle and create groups that can harness collective power. 
A good network of connections can really help when times are hard or when challenges arise. It can also be a very helpful tool when it comes time to recruit talented staff. 

5) Reputation building 

Recommendations on LinkedIn can be used to improve your reputation to prospective clients.  
Increasing your word of mouth referrals by asking your clients to write you a recommendation is a great way to spread the word. These recommendations will be published on your LinkedIn profile and potentially seen by your entire network. It is quick and easy to do and can make a genuinely big difference.  

6) Two types of pages 

To list your small business on LinkedIn, you’ll need to create a personal page first. This means that you will have an opportunity to network on a personal level as well as on a business level. It also means your business will benefit from two lots of SEO and establish your personal reputation alongside that of the business. 
Ultimately, your business needs a social media presence of one kind or another. That means you need to invest some time and effort into your profile and listing. The prevailing thought may be that Facebook is the way to go because it is the biggest. But you have to weigh up the potential benefits of a wider reach with the greater services you get from LinkedIn. 
Of course, which platform you use does depend on the nature of your business, but as a small business, so much of your success depends on your reputation. And there is little doubt that using LinkedIn for this is the better option. Add in the SEO benefits and the networking opportunities and it becomes an easy decision to make. 
If you want advice on LinkedIn but don’t know where to start, then get in touch with us today. As Cheshire web design specialists, we can give you tips and advice on setting up your social media as well as putting you in touch with LinkedIn experts. 
We can also help you to build relationships with your customers online and create content that engages your customers, by creating a custom designed and affordable website for your business that provides you with maximum opportunities for success. 
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