SCA Solar Cheshire, a local business operating in the Cheshire area is a company centering around renewable energy installations for domestic, commercial and industrial use. With operations commencing as early as 2012, SCA has been passionate about contributing towards a more carbon neutral lifestyle for all in order to prolong the lifespan of current unrenewable energy sources. 
They’ve achieved this by servicing the homes of everyday people, making a difference one property at a time. In 2022, this establishment will celebrate 10 years of service and operations excellence whilst continuing to explore avenues that lead to innovation and an overall cleaner and more sustainable future. 


We met Shaun through the local BNI group. Shaun had previously commissioned a website through another web design company and was profusely unsatisfied with the time it took to develop the initial designs and the quality of the designs themselves considering the sizable costs of production. 
He needed an effective design that could display his work. The product had to efficiently display the products by taking advantage of their unique features without being overly complicated or distracting while also consistently generating warm leads. 
When we had our first meeting, Shaun was blown away by the low upfront investment, quality of design and time scales of delivery that it’seeze Knutsford offers as well as having the ability to edit his website easily and flexibly at any time with the it’seeze editor. 


Shaun was wonderful to work with, from the initial brief he fully trusted in our expertise and knowledge. Our goal was to create a modern, professional and efficient website that qualifies and gets Shaun consistent leads through excellent SEO and effective CTA. 
We needed to create an accurate impression of a credible and results focused business instantly for any potential lead and how they can quickly understand the cost saving and environmental benefits of switching to a solar based electricity system. 
On initial impression upon loading Shaun’s website, you can instantly gain an understanding of his business’s services, purpose and accolades. Including a varying scope from Shaun’s position within the MCS to officially servicing and installing products which require incredibly high standards of installation, such as Tesla or Givenergy. 
The homepage helps the site visitor to quickly and easily understand the level of skill and proficiency that the company offers. This is vital as the visitor is able to understand the company and their operations just by scrolling through a single page. 
Potential clients also have access to a list of services which is especially efficient in time consumption as the visitor will gather enough insight in order to act immediately, which they should be able to do with ease as there are multiple prompts to initiate contact on the homepage itself.t. 


Since the creation of the website, Shaun has seen incredible growth in both leads and sales. Where he has since stopped buying leads from third party marketing companies as he receives many quality leads a week, 80% of that coming from his website/SEO. Now being in a position where he’s looking to expand with additional employees to keep up with the consistent influx in quality leads. 
“One of the best decisions we made. it'seeze Knutsford team were very quick to get back to me and started work straight away. The website was produced in a good time frame.” 
Shaun has expressed that he has seen a significant increase of quality leads due to it’seeze’s integrated and optimised SEO as well as using a qualifying questionnaire, leading to leads that have since generated Shaun high 6 figures in new business in year 1! 
“The SEO and website have helped us reach the correct audience.” 


Shaun is now in a position where he’s looking to further expand his business, which has been made possible due to the incredible influx of quality leads being generated by his website/SEO. We are delighted to be working with Shaun to continue to grow his business and are excited for him as he continues down this successful path. 
If you would like a FREE discovery call with our team BOOK HERE and we can see how we can help you get more business online just like SCA Solar Cheshire.  
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