Denton Garden Services are a family run business where attention to detail and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do. They are experienced gardeners specialising in the clearance of overcrowded gardens and maintenance of commercial grounds and residential homes. Operating in Denton, Stockport, Salford and across Manchester the team at Denton Garden Services pride themselves in keeping homeowners and businesses gardens looking the very best. 

The Brief 

When Tom from Denton Garden Services contacted itseeze Knutsford, he was in the very early stages of planning their new website and looking for a local Cheshire based web design company. They were looking for a site that was not only incredibly functional and flexible but also aesthetically in line with their brand. He needed a design that would effectively display his work. The product had to be able efficiently take advantage of its unique features without being overly complicated or distracting while also consistently generating warm leads. 
After an initial Discovery Call, It was clear from our first meeting that Tom was blown away by the low upfront investment, high-quality design and quick time scales of delivery it'seeze Knutsford offers as well as having an easy-to-use editor for his website. The itseeze editor is great for making updates to your website. You can add new content and blogs on a regular basis as well as make changes in the database using this easy-to-use program, which makes updating much simpler than before. 

The Design 

Tom was a fantastic client to work with. Not only did he trust our expertise and knowledge, but the time we took for his website design process allowed us to achieve exactly what he wanted – an efficient modern site that gets him leads through great SEO! We created an appealing, yet professional brand for this business to set them apart from their competitors. We wanted the client's potential leads and clients alike to understand that they are dealing with a company who prioritises quality over anything else; it is reflected in everything they do. 
When potential customers visit your website, the homepage helps them understand what you're all about by providing an easy-to read and navigate layout. It also allows people to see how skilled employees work with their company in just one glance which means it will be easier than ever for clients or visitors alike to decide whether they want services from this business, this is something we tried in particular to nail for Tom. With Tom’s site, potential clients can get a better understanding of what Tom offers and have the ability to easily get a quote with our effective CTA’s. We provide multiple prompts on the homepage itself so that visitors have no excuse for not contacting Denton Garden Services right away. 

 The Feedback 

When we presented the finished design to Tom, his first reaction was “Love it!”. He was excited by how much care and creativity went into making their site easy for users with clear flow and functionality that would maintain customer retention. One of Tom’s main goals with Denton Garden Services was to attract commercial clients, since the website launch Tom has fully reached his goal within 6 months - which is no surprise on our end. 
Tom’s Website currently ranks first on google for all of the relevant terms and keywords Tom related to us and we were to fully integrate these keywords on his website. We are excited to be working with Tom as he continues down this successful path. We hope that we can help him further expand his business and look forward to seeing what new opportunities arise from the incredible influx of quality leads being generated by our website/SEO! 
If you would like a FREE discovery call with our team BOOK HERE and we can see how we can help you get more business online just like Denton Garden Services. 
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